Food Safety/HACCP

Our Commitment to Food Safety

At Oshkosh Converting, we take food safety very seriously. We understand the importance of providing safe and high-quality packaging for the food and beverage industry. That is why we have implemented a comprehensive HACCP program that is designed to ensure the safety of our products.

Our HACCP Program

Our HACCP program is based on the principles of HACCP (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points), a system that identifies potential food safety hazards and implements measures to prevent them. Our program includes the following components:

  1. Hazard Analysis: We conduct a hazard analysis to identify potential food safety hazards in our operations.
  2. Critical Control Points (CCPs): We establish critical control points to prevent, eliminate, or reduce the risk of hazards.
  3. Monitoring: We monitor our CCPs to ensure they are functioning properly.
  4. Corrective Actions: We take corrective actions when a CCP is not functioning properly.
  5. Verification: We verify the effectiveness of our HACCP program through regular testing and auditing.
  6. Record Keeping: We maintain detailed records to ensure full traceability.

Food Safety Certification

We are committed to ensuring that we meet the highest standards of food safety. That is why we are working towards achieving food safety certification by 2024. This certification will demonstrate our commitment to providing safe and high-quality packaging for the food and beverage industry.

Trailer Inspections

To further ensure the safety of our products, we conduct regular inspections of our trailers to ensure they meet food safety standards. These inspections help us to prevent any potential cross-contamination.

Full Traceability

We maintain full traceability of all materials that come through our processes for potential recall exercises. This allows us to help so you can quickly identify and remove any potentially unsafe products from the market.

Corrective and Preventive Actions

We have established corrective and preventive action procedures to address any issues that may arise. This includes identifying the root cause of the problem, implementing corrective actions, and monitoring the effectiveness of those actions to prevent similar issues from occurring in the future.

Good Manufacturing Practices

We follow Good Manufacturing Practices (GMPs) to ensure the safety and quality of our products and procedures. This includes proper training for our employees, regular cleaning and maintenance of our equipment, and strict adherence to food safety protocols.

At Oshkosh Converting, we are committed to providing safe and high-quality packaging for the food and beverage industry. Contact us today to learn more about our food safety practices and how we can help meet your packaging needs.